lunedì 29 settembre 2014

Colouring Amanita♥ - Hair and Dress

Hello everybody!
Here I'm again with the second part of the copic tutorial that I realized for the "Bronte and Bella Clubhouse".
Amanita is our protagonist and today I coloured her hair and her dress :)
Let's start with hair; It's not a difficult task with Amanita, however I used the same tecnique that I use with all the characters even if I generally divide it in section when they are longer;
A little tip: when you colour hair, try to keep your marker as upright as possible to the sheet, so you can have thin strands.
I used one of my favourite colour combo: E00, E13, E15, E18 and I started with E15 in the darkest parts:
now E18 about on the same parts trying to make lines a little thinner:
E15 again:
now E00 (or E000 if you like more contrast) on the lightest zones:
Now I generally use E18 again on the darkest zones to increase the contrast and divide strands a little better:

Now, let's go with the dress:
The colour combo I used is: BG000, BG01, BG05, 100.
I strarted to define the folds with BG01:

BG01 again:


Now I add some touches of black (100) here and there on the darkest zones:

I blended (with care, some little touches) with BG05:


BG000 again:

Some other touches of BG05 here and there on the darkest parts:

At the end I generally give some touches of blender (0) on the lightest parts:

I wanted her dress quite delicate; when I want to give more colour to it I repeat the same steps more and more times until I'm not satisfied with the saturation of colours :)
That's all, I hope you liked this!
Speak soon with the third part of my tutorial: colouring the mushroom :)

To see how I coloured Amanita's skin have a look here
To see how I coloured Amanita's mushroom have a look here

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Pat ha detto...

I love it, Franz!!!! Your coloring is so beautiful!!!! I can't wait to color this cutie!! Thank you so much!! Hugs!! Pat

Tracy ha detto...

Awesome! I wish I could picture the pleats and folds to color them like this. It's a true talent Franz. Hugs!

Dortesjs ha detto...

great colouring

Diny Sprakel ha detto...

Thanks for the greT tutorial

Ivonne ha detto...

Looove it!! Thanks again for the tutorial! Hugs, Ivonne

Dotty Jo ha detto...

How did you learn to colour like this???? Brilliant, Jo x